Welcome to VIVACIOSA!

Welcome to VIVACIOSA!

Your 1st Ever Luxury Modest Fashion Destination.

Redefining what it means to be a Luxury Ready-to-Wear brand, questioning and rejecting stereotypes. Challenging the status quo that modesty is boring and covering up is oppressive. The first ever luxury modest fashion label changing the perception of who the Modern Modest Woman is. Created to celebrate her choice and to voice her opinion.

The VIVACIOSA Woman embodies her authentic self and wears it inside and out, unapologetically. She expresses her thoughts, her beliefs and her personality through fashion and style. She understands that the way she chooses to appear to the world reveals a lot of who she is inside. She believes in freedom of choice and expression; the freedom to dress the way she lives her life. She makes her choice. She chooses to cover.

Welcome to VIVACIOSA. We’ve got you covered.