Interview for ALMAZE Magazine

Interview for ALMAZE Magazine

  How Vivaciosa Is Shattering Stereotypes About Modest Women  

Luxurious, modest and unapologetic, today we enter the world of VIVACIOSA. Entirely dedicated to modest fashion enthusiasts, this Dubai based brand is, as its founder states, ''the first ever luxury ready-to-wear brand dedicated to women who dress modestly''. Eager to know more, Mrs Ilona Marceniuk, Founder and Creative Director of VIVACIOSA, unveiled for ALMAZE the story of her brand, along with the strong and meaningful values it bears. READ ON HERE

Please could you tell us more about your brand?

The origins of our brand are my personal experiences. It has been almost impossible for me and time consuming to find luxury clothing with long hemlines, non-transparent and with a relaxed fit. I had to either compromise on my style or go on with garments which were of poor quality. As a result, in 2018 my luxury modest fashion brand was established – VIVACIOSA. The name derives from an English word – vivacious meaning attractively lively and exciting woman. 

VIVACIOSA takes into account every nuance of modest dressing. We listen to women who choose to dress modestly. We cater to their needs, appreciate and celebrate their choices. VIVACIOSA rejects and question stereotypes. We challenge the misconception that modesty is boring and covering up is oppressive. We want to change the perception of who the Modern Modest Woman is. She is not oppressed, she makes her choices and she chooses to cover. Our mission is to encourage her to embody her authentic self and to wear it inside and out, unapologetically. 

What makes your brand unique?

VIVACIOSA is the first luxury ready to wear designer brand that is solely dedicated to modest women. Of course, there have been luxury brands trying to expand their product offering with abayas and long dresses, but the modest women always were the secondary customers.  There has been no designer brand which primarily catered to us.
Moreover, there has been a misconception that modest fashion is boring and cheap. VIVACIOSA wants to change that. All our garments are extremely beautiful, delicate and exude luxury. Made of the finest fibres, exquisitely cut and handcrafted to the highest standard.

What does modesty mean to you and how do you think it can empower women?

Modesty for me means being authentic, confident and refined inside and out.
It means standing true to your principles regardless of people’s opinion. Modesty for me means making my own choices. It means being in control and rising above perceptions and expectations.
Women empowerment? I do not believe in it.  Empowered means to be given power. I don’t believe women need to be given power. I believe the strength is within me and I don’t need an acknowledgement of others to make me stronger. We need inspiration, we need encouragement, we need passion. We are already strong enough to make our own choices and to pursue our goals and dreams.

The place of the world that inspires you the most and why?

Dubai is such an inspirational city. On one side we’ve got futuristic high skyscrapers and on the other side desert with sand dunes. A place where old and new coexist in harmony. A place where people respect and appreciate each other’s differences.