The National News: 'Emirati fashion designer to know'

The National News: 'Emirati fashion designer to know'

  Meet the UAE talent that is challenging the preconceptions  

As the fashion scene across the GCC continues to gain traction, an increasing number of new modest wear talents are emerging from within the UAE.

With its rich cultural history and dynamic, forward-looking modernity, the country is proving to be a ripe incubator for innovation.

Increasingly, designers are mixing traditional ideas that hark back across the generations with the raw energy that comes from living in a melting pot of so many nationalities. The result is a unique take on modest wear, one of fashion's most relatable and wearable trends.

One such name is VIVACIOSA, which creates sassy, dazzlingly fresh dresses that would look at home on the runways of Milan.

Describing itself as “exclusively dedicated to women who choose to dress modestly”, it sets out to fill a fashion space which has been more of a void until recent years. If the term modest wear conjures images of something shapeless and dull, then think again. Try bias-cut long-sleeve dresses in lavender and amethyst, or a peach, belted batwing kaftan, with a pussybow neck tie.

Helmed by an Emirati and Ukrainian husband-and-wife duo, VIVACIOSA hopes to reach the woman who has been, until recently, routinely underserved by other designers. “We understood the struggles that she is faced with and we felt the need to create modest clothing that feels luxurious and takes into account all the nuances of modest dressing,” the brand states.