Welcome to VIVACIOSA

“I believe every woman has a right to embody her authentic self and wear it inside out with confidence.

- Ilona Marceniuk, Founder & Creative Director

Problem Solver

VIVACIOSA is the first ever luxury ready-to-wear designer brand exclusively dedicated to woman who chooses to dress modestly - the woman who has been previously unheard. We understood the struggles that she is faced with and we felt the need to create modest clothing that feels luxurious and takes into account all the nuances of modest dressing without compromising on style. 

Stereotype Smasher

VIVACIOSA rejects and questions stereotypes. We challenge the misconception that modesty is boring and covering up is oppressive. We represent the power of choice, without conformance or judgement. We change the perception of who the modern modest woman is. We make it clear that she is not oppressed, she makes her own choices and she chooses to dress modestly. 


She is authentic, confident and refined. She expresses her thoughts, her beliefs and her personality through fashion and style. She understands that the way she chooses to appear to the world reveals a lot of who she is inside. She believes in freedom of choice and expression; the freedom to dress the way she lives her life. She is in control and rises above all perceptions and expectations. She makes her choice. She chooses to cover. She chooses VIVACIOSA.

Modestly Luxurious Statements

Long hemlines, non-transparent, relaxed fit with unapologetically lady-like silhouettes. VIVACIOSA Dresses and Abaya Coats are extremely beautiful, made of the finest fibres, and exquisitely handcrafted to the highest standard. They are the Statements of personal inner thoughts and an overt statement to the world. 

Sustainable and Ethical

VIVACIOSA not only represents the modern modest woman but takes the modest approach to work ethics and sustainability. All VIVACIOSA’s garments are produced locally making sure that fair wages are guaranteed, no child labour is allowed and safe work enviroment is maintained. Moreover, VIVACIOSA sources its exquisite fabrics from suppliers that manufacture their fabrics through sustainable methods and implement the best practices. Last but not least, VIVACIOSA produces small runs of each collection in a bid to act against the fast fashion.

Welcome to VIVACIOSA. We’ve got you covered.